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ECOCELL is a GREEN product



Industry first cellulose-based batts and blankets

ECOCELL materials are environmentally responsible and sustainable products manufactured by Cellulose Material Solutions, LLC (CMS). ECOCELL batts and blankets are made from a combination of recycled and renewable fibers, the majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper. By converting recycled paper into the cellulose fibers used in ECOCELL materials, the paper is kept out of landfills where it has the potential to pollute the environment. Because ECOCELL material is completely recyclable, no scrap is produced during production or installation of the product. CMS also creates a "greener" manufacturing process by reducing energy use and air pollution during manufacturing.

The ECOCELL 5.5" R20 batt is now available. Combining the ease of installation of a batt with the superior thermal and acoustical performance of cellulose insulation, ECOCELL batt insulation is the superior choice for insulation. Click here for more information.