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Cellulose Material Solutions, LLC (“CMS”) manufactures innovative products for some of the most sophisticated designs in today’s world.  CMS products are true performers for many or most applications where thermal or acoustical performance is important.  Whether it is a sound recording studio, climate controlled packaging or to deaden road noise, CMS has a material to provide a solution for specific designs.

CMS was founded by Nu-Wool Co., Inc., the oldest cellulose insulation manufacturer in the world.   For over 65 years, Nu-Wool has been converting recycled cellulose fibers into premium building insulation that is superior to fiberglass and mineral wool insulation in both thermal and acoustical performance.   Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is the base material in the majority of CMS products, giving them a performance edge over fiberglass and other shoddy materials.   Factor in the green components of at least 70% recycled and renewable fibers, low embodied energy, and potential product recyclability, CMS products are quickly becoming the new material standard in the marketplace.