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Cellulose Material Solutions, LLC

Green, sustainable, responsible, performance, value.  These five simple words, which have  far-reaching meaning, were the foundation upon which Cellulose Material  Solutions, LLC (“CMS”) was built.  In  today’s marketplace, many products claim some or all of these properties, but  few actually achieve them.  Combining  decades of recycled cellulose fiber experience with innovative non-woven  technology, CMS products truly are green, sustainable, and responsible, while  providing superior performance and real value in a wide variety of  applications.

CMS ECOCELL boardsCMS was founded by Nu-Wool Co., Inc., the oldest  cellulose insulation manufacturer in the world.   For over 60 years, Nu-Wool has been converting recycled cellulose fibers  into premium building insulation that is superior to fiberglass insulation in  both thermal and acoustical performance.   Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is the base material in CMS products, giving them a  performance edge over fiberglass materials.   Factor in the green components of  recycled and renewable fibers, low embodied  energy, no-scrap production, and product recyclability, and CMS products are  the new standard in the marketplace.  

CMS introduced its first product line, ECOCELL, as a green alternative to fiberglass or foam building insulation products. ECOCELL products are industry first batts and blankets made primarily from cellulose fibers.

CMS is continually working to develop new products from, not only cellulose, fibers but other recycled and renewable fibers. Wherever you are now using a fiberglass, cotton shoddy, synthetic or other material for acoustical/thermal performance, with or without structure, CMS products can be designed for your needs.