Taking the Noise out of Road Noise

The use of nonwoven materials in the automotive industry has increased substantially in recent years, due to their superior performance and safety. Properly designed nonwoven materials help reduce the weight of the vehicle, enhance the comfort and aesthetics and provide advanced insulation, fire retardancy and resistance to temperature extremes, water, fuels, and other liquids.  CMS is proud to offer a line of thermally-bonded superior performing nonwoven shoddy materials made from at least 70% recycled and renewable fibers..

CMS manufactures a hybrid shoddy comprised of cellulose and cotton fibers, as well as complete cotton based shoddy. Both types of shoddy products manufactured by CMS can be engineered to specific designs or applications with each offering unique benefits.

Benefits of CMS shoddy materials:

  1. No VOC’s or unwelcome offgasing/odors
  2. All products at a minimum pass FMVSS 302, and many products are able to pass much higher fire testing standards if needed.  
  3. Thermoformable
  4. Available in rolls or sheet sizes up to 98” wide x unlimited length

Additional benefits of the Hybrid cellulose and cotton shoddy:

  1. The ability to provide greater STC and NRC performance based upon thickness and identical density
  2. Increase the rigidity of thermoformed composite structures
  3. Providing proprietary advantages of branding in the market