Office Furniture

What’s inside the wall does matter.

Tackable Panels

With a worldwide emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly products, traditional fiberglass, mineral wool and virgin materials are not fulfilling green design expectations.  CMS tackable panels provide superior performance, yet most are made from a minimum of 70% recycled and renewable fibers.

CMS manufactures a variety of different panels suitable for the office furniture industry that are engineered to precise thickness, size, shape and density specifications.  Most of the panels contain more than 70% recycled or renewable fibers, the majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper.  The structural design of CMS panels significantly increases sound absorption to control and deaden sound.  Plus, the panels pass BIFMA tackability tests making them an ideal solution for the workplace.  Combining the green attributes, acoustical performance and tackability of the panels, nothing compares to CMS products to meet design expectations. 

Photo features Trendway Furniture: Volo Moveable Walls with Live Seating.

Acoustical Sound Blankets

Noise can be a big problem, especially in shared office spaces.  CMS products have superior sound deadening properties and greatly reduce sound transmission in many environments.  Acoustical sound blankets are commonly used as interior wall/panel insulation where containing or eliminating sound is important.  Combining our materials with tackable materials, fabrics or decorative scrim materials like laminates, vinyl or foil, can become a financial win-win when both sound and aesthetic appearance are important.  Contact CMS with specific design requirements for interior wall products. 

Photo features Trendway Furniture: Volo Moveable Walls with T51 Seating.

Sizes and Finishes

Available in a variety of thicknesses, 0.25” – 5.5”, and densities, 1.4 – 13.0 pcf, CMS can develop and manufacture a product that will fit your need.   CMS products can be delivered in standard 4 x 8’ size or can be custom cut for unique applications. Widths can be supplied up to 98 inches (2.48 meters).