Batt and Blanket Cellulose Insulation

ECOCELL LogoInsulation is, simply, the foundation of CMS.  Building on sister company Nu-Wool Co., Inc’s., decades of experience in the cellulose insulation industry, CMS developed ECOCELL insulation, the industry’s first cellulose based batts and blankets. ECOCELL batts and blankets are very functional where traditional loose fill or sprayed-in cellulose insulation is not practical, and can be used in both residential and commercial structures. The R-value of ECOCELL products is the same as loose fill or sprayed-in cellulose insulation.

ECOCELL batts and blankets combine ease of installation with superior thermal and acoustical performance making them a smart choice for homeowners and contractors.  Made from at least 70% renewable and recycled fibers, ECOCELL products do not require any special equipment to install and do not itch or irritate skin.  ECOCELL products are code compliant, Class A fire rated and mold resistant (contains EPA Registered fungicide to resist the growth of mold).  Plus, ECOCELL materials can save up to 40%* on energy bills compared to fiberglass insulation. 

*Savings vary.  Find out why on the seller’s fact sheet on R-values.  Higher R-value means greater insulating power.