Industrial Thermal and Acoustical Insulation

Silencing appliance noise for added comfort in the home.

As in-home technology continues to advance more emphasis is being put on controlling or quieting unwanted sounds within a home, apartment or other living structure.  With decades of experience in manufacturing traditional attic and wall insulation, CMS has engineered acoustical blankets for use in appliances. 

Made from renewable and recycled fibers, CMS acoustical blanket insulation dampens unwanted noise in dishwashers, washing machines and other home appliances.

The unique, structural design of CMS acoustical products increases sound absorption to control and deaden sound transmission.  CMS acoustical blankets achieve high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings based on the density specified.  CMS sound blankets can be used with additional layers of materials to achieve an even higher NRC or STC rating.  The material can also help deaden vibration sound or movement.

Combining the green attributes and superior acoustical performance, CMS acoustical blankets are the sound decision for creating quieter appliances for today’s homeowners.